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CHERRY's MP Series magnetic proximity sensors are designed to meet the unique needs of OEM customers. Available in a variety of threaded, flange-mount and snap-fit configurations, they offer high performance in benign and severe environments at a reasonable price.

If your design calls for a custom product, our experienced sensor design staff will work with you to develop a solution to meet your exact requirements. Contact CHERRY Electrical Products at (800)285-0773

Industrial Grade Barrel Sensor MP1001 Magnetic Sensor in Threaded Housing MP2007
Commercial Grade Barrel Sensor MP1005 Magnetic Sensor in Cylindrical Plastic Housing MP2017
Snap Fit Magnetic Proximity Sensor MP1013 Magnetic Sensor in Mini Flange Mount Housing MP2018
Low-Profile Magnetic Flange-Mount Sensor MP1014 Magnetic Sensor in Flange Mount Housing MP2019
Solid State Proximity Sensor in Flange Mount Housing MP1021 Digital Vane Switch Digital Vane Switch
Actuator Magnet Actuator Magnet

For an inside look at the tools and creativity behind the design and manufacture of a CHERRY sensor, check out this video from inside the factories.

Featured Product

MP2019 Magnetic Sensor in Flange-Mount Housing

MP2019 Magnetic Sensor in Flange-Mount Housing CHERRY'S flange mount reed sensor available in SPST and SPDT configurations. Wire leads standard, 12" long. Rated to 105C. Click here for more information.